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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Satwa - Dubai

Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Dubai always places patients at the center of the attention, and focus on improving their experience with the use of new technologies.

We assess your current dental situation and recommend treatment options.
Our specialists will take care of your smile with commitment.
We perform periodic check-ups to ensure your teeth are in good condition.
Even on weekends and holidays, our staff is here to assist you.


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Services We Offer

Our cosmetic dental clinic Dubai, is providing friendly, dynamic and world class dental treatment facility in Satwa-Dubai, which offers end to end patient care and personal services, covering everything related to aesthetic dentistry Dubai, from routine dental and hygiene checkups to orthodontic, endodontic, cosmetic dentistry and much more.
Teeth Cleaning at Hollywood smile Clinic

What does teeth cleaning do?

Teeth Cleaning is essential for removing the “buildup” from your teeth. This “buildup” isn’t just leftover food, which most people manage to eliminate on a daily basis by brushing their teeth. No matter how hard you clean your teeth, plaque and tartar are always build up, they must be eradicated.

For effective Scaling and Polishing, feel free to contact Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Satwa – Dubai. We are here to serve you.

Hollywood Dental Clinic is offering Teeth Cleaning in Just 100 AED.

Teeth Whitening at Hollywood Smile Clinic

What does teeth whitening do?

Smiling is a crucial element of our personality because it is the first impression, and pearly white teeth make the smile attractive.

That is why we are always on the lookout for the latest teeth whitening solutions to increase our self-esteem and confidence. However, if your teeth are yellow and dull, try teeth whitening at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Satwa – Dubai

Here at Hollywood Dental Clinic we are providing Laser Teeth Whitening with free Teeth Cleaning in Just 300 AED.

Tooth Removal at Hollywood Smile Clinic

What is Tooth Removal (Tooth Extraction)?

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the dental alveolus or socket in the alveolar bone (the bone with sockets enclosing the roots of the teeth) with forceps for a variety of causes, i.e. Tooth decay, Tooth damage, Extremely Loose Tooth, Tooth Overcrowding, Tooth unable to erupt through gums.

It is advisable to consult with your dentist if you face any of the above problems. Hollywood Dental Clinic is providing reliable Tooth Removal treatment at a very low price.

For Normal Extraction it’s 100 AED and for Surgical Tooth Extraction it’s 300 AED. Tooth Removal is the last option, dentist at Hollywood Smile will have to check it first and will suggest Tooth Removal if there is no other solution to recover the Teeth. 

Braces Installation at Hollywood Smile Clinic

Why you should have Braces?

If you have crooked, crowded or uneven teeth, and you want to straighten them for a Hollywood smile, Then you need Orthodontic Treatment (Braces).

Braces not only straighten teeth and close gaps between them, they also restore the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. Hollywood Smile Clinic will help you to level or straighten your teeth.

Here at Hollywood Smile Dental clinic we are providing Braces Installation in Just 800 AED.

Hollywood Smile Veneers

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers also known as Porcelain Veneers are thin and uniquely crafted shells of tooth-shaded materials. These shells are used to cover the front side of teeth to enhance your teeth look and help to give you a Hollywood Smile.

We are offering cheapest prices with effective dental treatments. We offer our patients with best quality Veneers that can have a lasting positive impact on the smile of a patient.

Here at Hollywood Smile Clinic we are providing EMAX Veneers at a very affordable prices.

Dental Crown (tooth cap) at Hollywood Smile Clinic

Why you need Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are used to cover or hide the defected teeth. Patient’s with cracked, chipped and broken teeth need to have a cap covering.

At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic our specialists use a cap to cover up the damaged, defected or destructed teeth. Tooth cap (Dental Crown) is made according to the patient’s teeth color.

Here at Hollywood Smile Clinic we are providing 2 types of Dental Crown.

PFM / PORCELAIN CROWN ( 250 - 300 AED per Tooth )
ZIRCON / CERAMIC CROWN ( 500 AED per Tooth )
Dental Bridge at Hollywood Smile Clinic

What is Dental Fixed Bridge?

When you loose your teeth due to any injury, accident, or cause of decay then you should go for Fixed Bridge.

Fixed Bridge closes the gap of missing teeth. Tooth Bridge contains two crowns on both edges of the gap. Here at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic our Specialist will recommend you which Bridge is suitable for you. Patient can choose the bridge material by themselves as well. Bridge after placing will work like natural teeth.

At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic we are providing 2 types of Dental Bridges.

PFM / PORCELAIN BRIDGE ( 250 - 300 AED per Tooth )
ZIRCON / CERAMIC BRIDGE ( 500% AED per Tooth )
Dental Filling at Hollywood Smile Clinic

Why you need Dental Filling?

Dental Filling(Pasta) is needed for couple of reasons such as filling the decayed teeth, repairing broken or cracked teeth. People don’t take care of their teeth and finally get cavity which lead to several problems.

Dental Fillings help to restore your teeth that is either broken by accident or is damaged by decay or grinding. The basic reason of dental filling is to eliminate cavity, remove debris and bacteria.

Here at Hollywood Smile Clinic we are providing Composite Filling (Pasta) in Just 100 AED.

Root Canal Treatment at Hollywood Smile Clinic

Why you need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal Treatment (RCT) surgery is performed to repair the tooth securely by eradicating the large cavity, extracting the nerve, cleaning inside of the tooth and finally filling it. This dental procedure is useful in preventing the extraction of your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment is an efficient way to protect your teeth from irritating infections and severe pain. Here at Hollywood Smile Clinic we are providing free Periapical X-ray before starting the treatment.

At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic we are offering root Canal Treatment (RCT) in Just 250-300 AED.

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Reasons why we're so prominent

Excellent Dental Care

We always strive to provide the best dental care possible, ensuring that each of our patients has healthy gums, fresh breath, and Hollywood Smile.

Competitive Prices

We are providing best quality treatment at a very affordable price. Our prices are fixed, so there are never any nasty surprises.

Variety of Services

We have special group of dentists who will gladly perform any dental procedure, from simple cleaning to oral surgery.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure the excellence of our service delivery is always of the highest quality and meets or exceeds our clients' expectations.

7 Days Available

We understand that you have a busy life, so we've modified our hours to fit your schedule. We are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. You can book appointment or come as walkin.

Sterlization & Hygiene

At our clinic, Cross infection control, hygiene, and sterilization is given high priority with dedicated sterilization areas and strict hygiene and cleanliness checks.

about us

Hollywood Smile Clinic Satwa Dubai

With our dental services, you can get rid of your pain, stress and suffering. It is a top priority to relieve pain and damage to your mouth as much as possible.


بجد انا مش عارفه اشكركم ازاى. على حسن المعامله والاهتمام والشطاره والانجاز فى العمل. للاسف انا اتعاملت مع عيادات كتير ولكن لم اجد الراحه النفسيه اللى شعرنا بيها وخصوصا ابنتى وهى بتركب التقويم ولم نجد مثل هذه الاسعار فى اى مكان اخر. ربنا يبارك فيكم وألف ألف ألف شكر لجميع الدكاتره .والعاملين 😍
Ola Ali
Ola Ali

ما شاء الله حقيقة خدمات ممتازة وراحة نفسية وطمأنينة عندما تجلس للعلاج. والسبب هو مهارة الأطباء. كان عندي ضرس أكثره مطمور ويحتاج إلى جراحة وكنت مترددا في خلعه. ولما رآه الدكتور محمد الحسيني قال: سأخلعه لك خلال ثواني، فأعطاني راحة وطمأنينة، وبالفعل خلعه بكل سهولة.. اسعار معقولة ومعاملة طيبة

أحمد نواف المواس
أحمد نواف المواس

Dr. Imad is the best doctor.. He did all the procedures to restore my teeth perfectly. Im very much happy with my treatment and all the staff including his assistants. The procedure was totally painless and put me at ease. I highly recommend everyone to visit this wonderful clinic for any dental concerns. Thank you.

Benjamin Catungal
Benjamin Catungal

I used to have low self-esteem because of my poor front teeth. Now I’m inlove with my own smile. Hats off to Dr. Ammar for a job well-done. He’s very kind and accomodating inspite of his tight schedule.

joyce gagtan
joyce gagtan

I have been visiting this clinic for almost two years now because of the Excellent service they provide , the doctors and staffs are very caring and friendly. Plus it is very affordable, Highly recommend to all those who are looking for a dental clinic.

Maverick H. PE
Maverick H. PE

Came to this clinic because of Dr. Marzouq and had absolutely amazing experience. His approach and care for a patient is simply beautiful, I had multiple visits for my veneers and crowns and result I got is beyond expectations. Definitely will recommend to my friends

Olga Heraeth
Olga Heraeth


The Procedure for a Check-up at Perfect Smile Dental Clinic Dubai

Gradation Image
01. Book an Appointment
Filling the form or call us directly for an appointment. You can come as walk-in as well.
Gradation Image
02. Conduct Oral Checkup
Your assigned doctor will give a thorough check on your teeth, gum, tongue & throat to find potential risks.
Gradation Image
03. Perform Oral Treatment
In case of decayed, badly shaped, or worn-down teeth, the specialist will perform needed to restore your smile.
Gradation Image
04. Payment & Insurance
We are not accepting any insurance but you can bring a reimbursement form to be signed by the doctor. We are accepting both mode of payments Cash & Card.

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Hollywood Smile Doctors and Specialists

Our best cosmetic dentist in Dubai are highly compassionate and professional in dealing with dental health.
They are experienced in dentistry and are always available to serve you..!!

Dr. Mohammad Al Hussain
Medical Director

Dr. Abdul Rahman
GP General Dentist

Dr. Ammar
GP General Dentist

Dr. Abdul Majeed
GP General Dentist

Dr. Sami
GP General Dentist

Dr. Marzouk
GP General Dentist

Dr. Azzam
GP General Dentist

Dr. Imad
GP General Dentist

Dr. Obada
GP General Dentist

Dr. Mohammad Anas
GP General Dentist

Dr. Abdullah
GP General Dentist

Dr. Saad
GP General Dentist


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