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Dental Braces

Dental Braces in Dubai

If you have crooked, crowded or uneven teeth, and you want to straighten them for a Hollywood smile, Then you need Orthodontic Treatment (Braces). Dental Braces will help you in straightening and aligning your teeth as well as improving the appearance of your smile. Braces not only straighten teeth and close gaps between them, they also restore the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. Hollywood Smile Clinic will help you to level or straighten your teeth.

Many dentists just align teeth. However, at Hollywood Smile Clinic, we not only align your teeth but also cure flaws that could contribute to oral problems. To evaluate your tooth issue and accurately diagnose your teeth, the dentist will take certain tests such as X-rays, pictures, and impressions of your teeth. If your teeth are less damaged then you will only need to use a removable retainer. However, if your teeth are severely damaged, your dentist may recommend dental braces.

Types of Dental Braces?

There are different types of Dental Braces. But at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Dubai we are providing two types of braces i.e.

Metal Braces
Ceramic Braces

How do Braces Work?

Dental Braces work by applying a little bit of pressure on your teeth in a particular direction. The continuous pressure on your teeth changes the shape of your bone as well.

How long you have to wear your Braces?

There are various factors to take into account regarding brace’s time. The duration of time varies from one individual to the next, and the things that influence it are described below.

The amount of available space
The length of time it takes for the teeth to travel.
The health of the teeth, gums, and supporting bone.
The extent to which the patient responds to our recommendations.
Dental Braces

Braces are often left in place for one to two years after they are applied. After the braces are removed, we will give our patient a retainer to wear for 6 months to keep their teeth in their new position.

How frequently you have to visit us during treatment?

Every month you have to schedule an appointment with us to ensure that the braces are exerting a consistent force on your teeth. Wire, ligatures, springs, and rubber bands will be adjusted to create additional tension or exert more force. Braces are rarely enough to straighten the teeth or jaw in some circumstances. To relocate the position of teeth in these cases, we employ micro implants or other appliances.

Does age matters to have Braces?

No, age is irrelevant for determining the Dental Brace. Because braces can be worn by both youngsters and adults. The only difference between children’s treatment and adult treatment is that in adults, brace’s may be required to straighten and align the teeth. In children, however, the dentist will simply use brace s to correct their teeth.

Is it possible to participate in sports while wearing braces?

Of course, you can participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. However, if it causes you pain or discomfort, you should refrain from playing for a few days. If you’re still concerned that your braces will break, fall out, or slide down, your doctor may suggest retainer. So that your braces and teeth are protected and secure.

Consult Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Dubai if you want to permanently straighten and align your crooked and uneven teeth. We offer free consultations.

Braces Prices:

Braces Installation Price
For Both Upper & Lower Braces 800 AED
Braces Adjustment Price
For Both Upper & Lower Braces 100 AED
Braces Removal Price
For Both Upper & Lower Braces 200 AED
01. What is the perfect age to get dental braces?
The best time to have braces is between 13-35 years. This age group is preferred by dentists since it is a period of rapid growth. Anyone, regardless of age, who is tired of their irregularly formed teeth can obtain these braces anytime. There is no age limit.
02. Which braces are good to wear?
Braces made of metal or ceramic are the best solutions and have been used for decades. Because of their effectiveness, people prefer these braces.
03. Are braces painful?
In short braces are not painful. However, minor discomfort may be noticed while the braces are being adjusted. Which can be treated with a common painkiller. However, if you continue to face discomfort, we are always available to help.
04. Which foods should you avoid if you have braces?
Nuts, popcorn, candy, and all other foods that are hard to chew should be avoided while wearing braces. Moreover extremely hot or cold items should also be avoided to avoid sensitivity and difficulties.
05. What are some potential advantages of orthodontic treatment?
By orthodontic treatment when teeth are straightened, food is less likely to become stuck around teeth. It also makes brushing and flossing considerably easier, which benefits the teeth and gums in the long run. Positive self-esteem has incalculable advantages.

If you have any question regarding braces, please feel free to contact us. Our orthodontists are always available to assist you at earliest convenience. To Book appointment call or WhatsApp at +971505192516.

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