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Dental Crown

Dental Crown in Dubai

When we talk or smile, our teeth are the first thing people notice. But what if they get cracked or weakened as a result of decay? We become sad and depressed so that’s how we don’t want to chat, we don’t smile to appear ugly and even we can’t eat anything because of its weakness. Cosmetic Dental Crowns are the best and effective solution to resolve this issue. A cap is used by our professional to conceal damaged or faulty teeth. The cap is made which match the color of the patient’s other teeth. It improves the surfacing, shape, and arrangement.

What is Dental Crown?

A dental crown is the procedure of restoring your tooth with a cap that is made in a specialized dental lab. This method works effectively for developing, functioning as well as preventing large cavities. The proper cap for the client’s needs is made from a variety of materials. Dentists will carefully verify the precise color and tone of the patient’s teeth to ensure a true and natural match. At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic we are providing two types of Dental Crowns in Dubai i.e. PFM/Porcelain (Metal Crowns) and Zircon (Ceramic Crowns).

Crowning Indications:

If a person wants to improve the smile or want to fix their disorganized shapes, they can go for Dental Crowns Dubai. It is beneficial to the candidate if the filling does not resolve the problem.

Crowning occurs for a variety of reasons:

The guarding of weak teeth
It fixes the damaged shape
If a large filling is necessary
For the purpose of securing a bridge
The tooth that requires a root canal
Dental Crown

Types of Dental Crowns:

We are offering two types of Dental Crowns at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic. i.e.

PFM/Porcelain (Metal Crowns)

Porcelain has long been thought to be the most realistic and natural restoration for the teeth. No doubt it is the best choice for someone who wants more attractive smile. Unlike metal, this is not affected by cold or heat, and it will not cause reactions in those who are allergic to metals.

Zircon (Ceramic Crowns)

Zirconia, like porcelain, yields a more natural-looking cosmetic outcome. Even though it does not have the same natural appearance as porcelain, it is a far better alternative to gold for front teeth. It’s also a lot tougher than porcelain, so it’s less prone to break, which can save you money in the long term.

PFM/Porcelain (Metal Crowns)
For Porcelain Crowns 250 - 300 AED per Tooth
Affordable Dental Prices at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Satwa - Dubai
Zircon (Ceramic Crowns)
For Zircon Crown 500 AED per tooth

Dental Crown Procedure

At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic, the following crown dental technique is performed.

The X-ray will be taken by the professional in order to examine the situation.
Numbness is treated with local anaesthetic.
The tooth is then reshaped in preparation for a new crown or cap.
The permanent crown will be made using a 3-Shape scanning model of the teeth.
Neighboring teeth will be used to determine the color and shade.
The temporary cap will then be secured for protection while the permanent cap is being prepared.
Professional specialist will make the permanent cap using sophisticated dental cement.
The crown is then attached to the treated area. We make sure the permanent crown after placed will fit perfectly in a bite.

A person can now eat, chew, and grin normally once more. This treatment can be completed in one day, however it is usually done over many days due to the step-by-step mending and healing process.


Dental Crowns will be flawless and long lasting. It is always contingent on how the client managed his or her health after treatment. The majority of the results persist 6 to 16 years, with some lasting even longer. It may become loose or fall owing to serious reasons, in which case a person should seek medical attention.

It doesn’t require special care, but brushing twice a day is recommended to keep the gums and teeth healthy. Fluoride toothpaste should be used. Checkups and proper cleaning should be done on a regular basis. When the patient remembers these guidelines for keeping it, they will achieve the intended consequence.

01. Why do i require a Dental Crown?
Dental crowns are required to restore teeth that have become too deteriorated to be repaired with fillings, as well as to treat infected teeth after root canal treatment or to restore a tooth that has been damaged or cracked due to oral trauma. To determine if a dental crown is correct for you or not. Contact Hollywood Smile Clinic for a free consultation with skilled specialists.
02. How should i care for a new Dental Crown?
A dental crown can be treated much like a natural tooth. Brush twice a day and floss once a day, and see your dentist every six months for an oral exam and teeth cleaning.
03. Do Crowns Cause Injury?
No. We will numb your mouth throughout the crown placement procedure to ensure that you do not experience any discomfort while your tooth is cut to make way for your crown. We even provide sedation dentistry so that you can feel entirely safe and relaxed throughout your visit to Hollywood Smile Clinic.
04. Is Cosmetic Dentistry Performed on Crowns?
Crowns are typically used for restorative dentistry, but in some situations, they can also be utilized as an aesthetic therapy. A badly deformed tooth, for example, may not be able to be treated with dental bonding or veneers and will need to be covered and capped with a dental crown.
05. How long does it take to recover after a Crown is placed?
After your crown is set, there will be no down time. Because the therapy is non-surgical and causes no significant pain or discomfort, you can return to your normal routine right after without having to take time off work or change your schedule.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert dental team is always available to assist you at earliest convenience. To schedule an appointment call or WhatsApp at +971505192516.

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