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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Teeth that are strong and healthy allow you to laugh freely, eat healthy foods with ease, chew with more energy, and enjoy other benefits. What if you have a large cavity in your teeth and are unable to eat properly and spend nights in pain? Root Canal Therapy (endodontic treatment in Dubai) is a dental procedure that is used to save a tooth that has developed a large cavity. It is a completely painless and safe procedure that is suitable for people of all ages. As a result, it is the most highly recommended procedure by root canal specialists in Dubai.

There are many misconceptions regarding this dental operation, including that it is unpleasant, but this is not the case. You will feel comfortable with a painless root canal treatment procedure because it will be performed under local anesthetic.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

A dental surgery conducted by root canal specialist inDubai, to eradicate the large cavity and securely repair a tooth by extracting the nerve, cleaning inside of the tooth, and filling it. This dental procedure is useful in preventing the extraction of your tooth. The cavity will be at the tooth’s center.

Candidates for Root Canal Therapy:

This procedure is effective for all patients of all ages. Some of the prerequisites and conditions that must be met in order to be a good candidate for tooth root canal treatment are as follows:

Gum disease
Have a chipped or fractured tooth.
Have Infected Tooth.
Had a number of dental fillings in the past.
Extreme pain, swelling, and discomfort with inflammation.
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy Procedure:

The Root Canal Procedure is performed in the following steps:

The doctor will clean the area and numb it using local anesthetic.
After that, a dental dam will be placed by a professional.
The dentist will drill a hole into the affected tooth and extract the dead pulp.
After that the dentist will sterilize and shape the canals of the tooth.
Gutta-percha will be used to fill the treated root canal as well as the remaining holes.
Finally, to protect the top of the tooth, root canal treatment filling is performed. Dental crown can also be placed (depending on the patient's preference).

The best root canal treatment Dubai has a brief recovery time; a patient will experience pain for a few days, but this will be eased if prescribed medications are taken on time.

After Care

Following the treatment’s aftercare instructions is essential. Antibiotics may be prescribed by a doctor to help prevent infection. Here are a few examples of typical instructions:

Blood thinners must be avoided.
For pain, infection, and other issues, take the suggested prescription.
Take liquid meals for the entire day.
If you like ice cream, eat it.
Brush and floss your teeth regularly as it is suggested by root canal specialist Dubai.

Root Canal care is an efficient way to protect your teeth from irritating infections and severe pain. For effective and stunning dental procedures performed by the best dentist for root canal treatment, contact Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Dubai. We are providing best root canal treatment in Dubai at a very competitive prices. If you want to know Root canal treatment price in Dubai, then it varies. At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic (Satwa – Dubai) the root canal treatment doctor is charging just 300 AED for all sessions including filling of root canal. 

01. Why Do You Need root Canal treatment?
When the roots of a tooth become inflamed or infected, the patient requires this procedure. The most common and only symptom after an infection is pain when eating, drinking, or chewing anything.
02. What is the effectiveness of a root canal?
Root canals, like most dental procedures have improved tremendously over the years with a 95 percent success rate presently. Root canal procedures performed correctly can ensure that the tooth is restored for the rest of one's life, with little to no additional dental work required in the future.
03. Is Root Canal Treatment painful?
Root canals are performed under local anesthetic and are no more painful than other common dental treatments. However, as with other dental operations, tissue inflammation may cause numbness, pain, or mild discomfort for 24-48 hours after the root canal therapy. For the majority of the patients, the sensitivity of the infected tooth exceeds any post-procedure pain or discomfort.
04. Is a root canal operation safe?
Root canal therapy is exceedingly safe and effective, especially when done by a skilled endodontist (a dental professional who specializes in root canals). Root canals have been performed for over 200 years, and advances in technology, tools, methods, disinfectants, and pain management have made the procedure more predictable and effective. Root canals are much safer than the alternative to an infected tooth in terms of preserving a normal tooth and preventing reinfection.
05. What is an emergency Root Canal Treatment?
An emergency root canal is similar to a scheduled or planned root canal in that they both occur from inflamed or diseased dental pulp inside the tooth. However, when the inflammation or infection has gone untreated for too long and the pain has become excruciating, the tooth has been seriously damaged, or pus is flowing from around the tooth, the treatment has most likely become an emergency. If you have any of the symptoms of an infected tooth (gum swelling or discomfort, tooth or gum discolouration, excessive sensitivity, or significant pain when chewing), the best thing you can do is call a dentist immediately away to avoid an emergency.

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