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Tooth Removal

Tooth Extraction in Dubai

Tooth Removal may be required for a variety of reasons. We will try to save your tooth as much as possible at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic, However there are cases or instances when it is necessary to extract a tooth due to serious damage, decay, or infection.

You don’t have to be concerned because this operation will be performed by our expert and experienced dentist. They will examine your teeth thoroughly and take a teeth X-ray. However, if your tooth can be saved, they will not advise you to have it extracted.

What is Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a dental treatment that involves the entire removal of teeth. Its the permanent removal of a tooth from its socket and may be done manually using forceps. Tooth removal/extraction is recommended when the tooth cannot be saved with other treatments such as tooth filling or root canal treatment. We have a staff of specialized maxillofacial dentists and wisdom tooth extraction specialist dubai, who can handle normal or sophisticated (Surgical) tooth extractions in a stress-free environment with minimal pain. Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic is providing the cheapest tooth extraction in Dubai.

When do you need Tooth Extraction ?

First your dentist will examine your teeth condition and suggest whether you really need extraction or there is any other way to secure the tooth without extraction.

Below are some possible reasons of Tooth Extraction:

Severe tooth decay/cavities
Impacted Tooth
Crowded Teeth
Infections that reach tooth root.
Tooth Extraction

For cheap tooth extraction in Dubai, Visit Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic (Satwa – Dubai). No matters whether your concern is related to normal extraction, surgical extraction or pulling all teeth and getting implants. Our Top specialists are available to assist you. Get a free dental consultation Now.

Types of Tooth Extraction Dubai:

We are offering two types of extraction at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic. i.e.

Normal/Simple Extraction

Normal/Simple extractions are done when the tooth is visible or already loose, and may be lifted with dental forceps after being rocked back and forth.

Surgical Extraction

Surgical extraction entails the removal of teeth that are difficult to access because they have not fully erupted or have broken under the gums.

Normal/Simple Extraction
For Normal Extraction 100 AED per Tooth
Affordable Dental Prices at Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic Satwa - Dubai
Surgical Tooth Extraction
For Surgical Extraction 300 AED per tooth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dubai

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to erupt, usually not showing up until you’re 17 or older. While some wisdom teeth are unaffected, others can become impacted or fail to erupt properly. Some people’s jaws aren’t big enough to hold 32 teeth comfortably.

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or partially erupted are difficult to clean, plaque and germs can accumulate, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. As these teeth develop internally, painful cysts can be formed which may cause harm to neighboring teeth and the jawbone beneath them. Here at Hollywood Smile Clinic we have specialized and the best dentist in Dubai for tooth extraction, who can extract tooth with minimal pain by applying general anesthesia for tooth extraction.

Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

Constant ache behind the molars that doesn't seem to go away.
Long-term inflammation, redness, and swelling.
The wisdom tooth can also cause pain in the jaw and stiffness in the neck.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert dental team is always available to assist you at earliest convenience. To schedule an appointment call or WhatsApp at +971505192516.

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