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What Is the Best Age to Get Dental Braces?

What Is the Best Age to Get Dental Braces?

What Is the Best Age to Get Dental Braces?

Teeth that are misaligned might be embarrassing. Cleaning crooked teeth is also more challenging. Dental Braces are a cosmetic therapy that can fix a wide range of alignment abnormalities and are both effective and safe.

Many parents are unsure about when their kids and teenagers should start orthodontic treatment. Getting braces too early or too late could lead to delayed cosmetic results. We tell parents when their children and teens should begin orthodontic treatment at Hollywood Smile Clinic Satwa – Dubai.

What is the Optimal Age to Get Braces?

From a clinical point of view, the best age for orthodontic treatment is 12 years of age. During this stage of growth, the jaws are expanding significantly. During these ages, teeth are also more receptive to straightening. Hollywood Smile doctors can predict how to begin orthodontic therapy based on the growth of the jaws.

Aside from clinical effectiveness, there are other factors to consider. Each child is unique. From a developmental aspect, some youngsters may not be ready for orthodontic treatment. Braces need precise cleaning habits. Some kids may be emotionally apprehensive about having mouth appliances and wire tightenings placed.

Before considering orthodontic treatment for children. Hollywood Smile Clinic doctors will take a complete look at your child and listen to your feedback.

Is it possible for my high school student to have braces?

Orthodontic treatment is still an excellent choice for children aged 15 and over. Orthodontic treatment in high school has a number of advantages. You may offer your teen the gift of a beautiful smile at a vital time in their lives by straightening their teeth before they go to college or pursue post-high school goals. Even if your teen is over the age of 15, he or she may be eligible for dental insurance discounts under your policy.

If your child is entering high school, talk to Dr. Hodges about the prospect of orthodontic treatment so that your teen’s orthodontic treatment is completed before he or she graduates. That way, a competent orthodontist who understands your teenager’s unique oral health needs may handle every element of your child’s orthodontic therapy.

Can I Still Get Braces if I'm an Adult?

Orthodontic therapy is a fantastic choice for people of all ages. Adults might choose between traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners for therapy. Some of our adult patients never had the chance to wear braces when they were younger. Other adult patients received braces as children but did not wear their retainers on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons we advise our patients to wear their retainers at night to keep their teeth from slipping.

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There is really no such thing as an inappropriate age for orthodontic treatment with dental braces. Orthodontic therapy can assist children as young as 12 years old as well as adults of all ages. At Hollywood Smile Clinic we have free dental consultation. To schedule your orthodontic appointment, please contact us at +971 043510101 | +971 043510102 | +971 505192516


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